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The purpose of this blog is to provide casual entertainment to its readers. Well actually, the real purpose here is to fulfill my deep seated desire for attention from fellow human beings. And humor is the tool I am employing to attract that attention. I find this approach to psychotherapy much more fun and cost effective than that of paying someone a lot of money every week, just so that they can repeatedly tell me that I am a juvenile, misanthropic, incorrigible and deeply disturbed little piece of mostly worthless protoplasm. As such, the opinions, ideas  and thoughts expressed here are solely meant to exploit the humor out of a situation, premise or event. They are in no way a reflection of my personal, political, ideological or religious beliefs, or those of my employer, family, friends or acquaintances. No claims of  factual correctness are implied or should be assumed when reading my posts, that are created more often than not in a partially comatose and delusional state of mind. In fact, embellishment, an utter disregard for reality as well as authority are the norm here. Any similarity to any persons living or dead or yet to be born is purely coincidental.

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