The best things in life are free. Oh really?

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They say that the best things in life are free. But I for one am not sold.  First, how do they know what's best for me? Have they been keeping track of what goes on in my head? Why I think not! And secondly, who are they to decide what I should consider to be free.  All I need is a few examples to show you that this skepticism is perfectly justified.
  • A beautiful sunny day at the beach appears to be free. But that package deal is accompanied by a risk of skin cancer caused by exposure to UV rays. Not so free is it after all?
  • With the advent of Wikipedia, Google books etc., knowledge is more freely accessible now than it has ever been. You can easily use these tools to acquire partial knowledge about any topic. And half-baked knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. Just ask poor Abhimanyu...
  • When your child smiles at you for no reason, it feels like a ray of warm sunshine just hit you in the face. What an invaluable and free gift it would seem, has come your way. However, just as that ray of sunshine can carry cancer inducing UV rays, the innocent smile may be hiding something too. Are you sure that the expensive antique vase you acquired last week is still intact? You better confirm that before you ascribe divine qualities to your child's smile.
  • Ah the first kiss. Can anything else that is free be more wonderful than that? Not so fast, Leonardo DiCaprio from the Titanic! If things are going to progress beyond the first base, which they invariably will, you better have some protection handy. Otherwise, there may be a hefty price to pay for that free first kiss.
  • Those beautiful spring blossoms. Mother Nature's free gift to all of us. Alas, with the blossoms come pollen and allergies. Oh, joy!
  • A walk in the neighborhood park on a gorgeous summer evening. Free, soothing, relaxing. You feel the day's stress just melting away. And right then you step into a pile of fresh dog poop. Poop that is still warm. Poop that has been strategically delivered in your path by that mongrel of a canine your neighbor has for a pet. Your shoe is so thoroughly and irreparably soiled that you can even tell what that disgusting little waste of fur had for lunch that day. That free walk in the park has thus brought your blood to a boil.
  • A mother's love for her baby. Free, pure, unselfish. Nothing else comes even close. Enjoy it while you can my little baby. In case you did not notice, mom is pregnant again with your little brother. And when that little tyke comes out, bye bye free love. One squeak from that little squirt and mom will rush to him. Then you better be ready to work for that free love. Because from that point onward for the rest of your life, you will always be Big Bro or Big Sis: the responsible one. While he on the other hand, even as he reaches his balding, pot-bellied and flatulent forties, will remain the baby of the family.
So you see dear reader, nothing in this life is free, except for this wise advice that I have just offered you. Blogging is a social cause for me in the end.  This display of altruism on my part may make you feel deeply grateful. And if you choose to erect a statue in my honor to express that gratitude, feel free to do so. Just make sure you build it indoors. As my previous post shows, I would rather not be exposed to those pesky pigeons in my tall and handsome statuesque (or is it statutory?) incarnation.

P.S. And wish you a very Happy Independence Day!

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  1. Awesome post dude :) Really witty

    All the best for the Blog A Ton contest.

    Here's my entry
    Them Slaves


  2. Beauty.. This is one of the best post in this edition.. Good luck for Blog-a-Ton. Free... are we?

    Someone is Special

  3. nice post..
    keep smiling always :)
    all the best

  4. Abhimannyu's knowledge was half baked? That is such a different take on the mythology :-) Enjoyed it.
    BTW, is this post from you really free for me? Just checking in case... you know what I mean :-)

  5. dis actually is really smart thinkin! :D
    hilarious, contemporary n supremely smooth. cudn ask fr more.
    sunjoo baba uve earned a lot many brownie points fr dis post :)

  6. That was really witty and at the same time astute philosophical observations. If you look deeper into the lines, the message is so profound and just ligh hearted humor on the surface. Great job.

    You can check out my blog-a-ton entry here In search of freedom

  7. @CRD Thanks. Glad you liked this line of thought.

    @SIS You are too kind. But thanks anyway.

    @aativas The Abhimanyu punch line was in the context of Abhimanyu only learning half of the Chakryuvyuha formation.That's the version I have heard. Since mythology is mythology and not history different people grow up with slight variations of it. I don't know what story you heard as a child. I generally don't like to explain punchlines, but this was an exception. As for whether the post is free for you, as I said in the last paragraph if you want to thank me in some way for it, who am I to stop you? :)

    @sadiya happy to have received brownie points from you. they mean a lot!

    @The Fool thanks for discovering something beyond the frivolity of the post.

  8. cynical? Liked the post

    ATB for BAT

    Do check out my entry at Free? To do what exactly?

    Wandering Thoughts

  9. I agree with what you've said! Nothing in life is free... :D Good one! Good luck with BAT!

  10. hmmm...well, a pessimist is just an optimist turned inside out!! ;)

    so i would like to ignore the negativity in the post and appreciate your wit instead..

    ok seriously speaking, i quite agree with you..almost all except last bit..a mother's love is truly unconditional---perhaps the only thing in the world that comes for free! :)

    cheers and all the best for BAT-23.

    you can read my entry here---

  11. @pri

    pri said: "so i would like to ignore the negativity in the post and appreciate your wit instead.."

    That's right spirit for reading a humor blog.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion about mother's love. I actually agree with you. But I took it as a challenge to see if I can find some flaws with something unconditional like mother's love and make it funny and still credible in the process. And the only way I could come up with was as follows:

    Mother's love is unconditional is something we realize as we grow up. But for a moment look at it from say a 2 year old's perspective when she sees mom tending to the new baby and suddenly feels a sense of loss because she no longer is the center of mom's attention. From that innocent point of view mom's love does not appear to be unconditional. So the 2 year old starts throwing tantrums to get her mom's attention back. I took that as a premise and exaggerated it to make it funny and make it fall in line with the theme of the post.

    Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts here. This also helps me answer Ashish's question as to why I categorized or labeled this post cynical. Because given the section on mother's love I knew some readers would find it too pessimistic or cynical.

    3 cheers to you for some great comments!

  12. @ sunjoo
    err..i guess wouldn't know about it since im the younger of two siblings.
    wait!! let me go and ask my sister--im sure she'd agree with you :P

    as for cynicism, i am in full favour of it on some issues (a favorite one, being life! :P)---it often helps give a reality check and put things in perspective..


  13. this is cynical and sarcastic........
    questioned the pure mothers love, innocent child's smile and even nature.........

    ok then if i go on to comment here wonderful post dude, loved it, enjoyed it and something then it doesn't come for free too it means hey you go and read my post toooo : ).............just kidding

    really a sarcastic enjoyment i relished....

  14. nice sarcasm..agreed.. nothing in life is really free. all the best..

  15. Tough as it was, you have outdone your cheekiness/mirth from the previous time over.
    To see the downside in every positive situation is the true mark of wisdom ! Coz only then can you steer clear of the traps and go for the perennial freedoms.
    LOVED IT !

  16. @Ranii - Thanks.

    @Brijender That's quite a compliment! Thanks much.

  17. really witty..i was chuckling thinking at every point "c'mon..this has to bee free now"..but again u proved me wrong :D...like like :)
    my entry FREE

  18. That was hilarious !!!! I was laughing all the way. Great one dude...

  19. @nidhi and @vikram

    Thanks and happy to make you laugh!

  20. Sunjoo, as I said I fully enjoyed your punchline on Abhimanyu. But have always heard Abhimanyu being so knowledgeable at such a young age, that your perspective on it (half-baked knowledge) was very novel. I liked it :-)

  21. Though it was witty, but a bit too cynical, and many would surely agree to this. A very unique treatment to the topic. Dare to be different haan? ;)
    Good luck. You can read my entry here: What being Free meant for her

  22. @aativas

    Glad you liked the post. Keep posting your feedback. It serves as encouragement.


    Humor is about taking risks in many ways. And that also means the possibility of some people not liking what you are saying or concluding that you are pushing the boundaries too much. Thanks for understanding the spirit of the post.

  23. Mothers love is always and will be free...rest everything has to be paid...

  24. I love your blog and when I had to share my Versatile Blogger Award with my favourite bloggers, I had to share it with you. So here's the link.


    Congratulations and keep blogging :)

  25. Preethika, Thank you very much for sharing this award.

  26. I'm glad to see the posts in this BAT getting funnier than the previous ones. This ones no exception. An example the above narration reminds me of is; when young ladies go awww...looking at a baby, they're forgetting that in all probability sooner or later they will be pulling their hair out as their infant or adolescent kids drive her nuts (besides all the good stuff that is to come along, hopefully)!

  27. Nothing comes free!! its True hon!!

    Keep blogging... Good luck with Blog a Ton!!