I am ... a contradiction

I am a writer with a reader's block.

I am a faithful non-believer.

I am an aggressive pacifist.

I want to be an iconic iconoclast.

I am a punctual procrastinator.

I am strikingly average looking.

I walk fast and run slow.

I am serious about my humor.

I am a value investor who values growth.

I take calculated risks.

I dream of insomnia.

I regret having no regrets.

I am nostalgic about my future.

I am passionately apathetic.

I am stubbornly fickle.

I try to be original ... just like everyone else.

Did I tell you that I am a contradiction?


  1. Pratibha,

    I am flattered that you thought this was a poem. I intended it to be just a collection of one-liners. Glad you like it either way.