Blue book value: The car price you will haggle for till you are blue in the face, but will never get.

Minivan : A public display of self-inflicted celibacy caused by the planned or unplanned proliferation of progeny within the span of a few years. (can't you tell I  recently got one?)

Conventional wisdom: A close cousin of the common sense. Typically refers to some common belief that is actually unwise.

Class act: A term used by sports commentators, which is code for "I don't know much about this player besides his stats. Nevertheless, I choose to pollute the air waves with terms like this one."

Spirituality: Some vague area that lies between religious belief and flat out superstition. This one deserves a separate post of it's own. More on this later.

Children's book author: Typically a washed up, less than mediocre writer or poet who knows enough people to take a shot at ruining our kids' vocabulary.

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  1. Minivan definition is best followed by Children's book author :)