A preponderance of ponderance

  • If waterproofing protects from water and bulletproofing protects from bullets,  what does childproofing protect from?
  • The outpouring of generosity over the holiday season is truly heartwarming. But for it to be effective don't the homeless and the needy have to evolve to only be hungry in the last month of the year?
  •  If you were a ghost with low self esteem, would you haunt ugly or average looking women instead of beautiful ones?
  • If life is a journey, I would like to get all the left turns while I am still young. So that when I am old and slow, all that's left are easy right turns that lead me to my destination, man! (swap left with right and vice versa if you are in the UK or a commonwealth nation)
  • It is safe to assume that at this point in time, the colloquial term for "cat" has lost its original meaning.
  •  Do you realize that most "reality" shows contain plots and situations that an average person will never encounter in his or her life? When was the last time you had to swap your wife ? If lack of acting skills combined with unusual circumstances can shamelessly pass as reality TV, then porn would qualify as the all time king of such fare.

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