Mildly funny

The hair salon is probably the only legal business where we pay money, to lose something so fast.

The nice thing about eating spaghetti is that you get to decide how big a mouthful is, after you put it in your mouth.

I like urinals that extend all the way to the ground. When I have had a few drinks and want to relieve myself fast, the last thing I want, is to be insulted in the stall by a urinal that is a bit too high for my stature. It is also more hygienic for the owner of the facility, as it avoids the need for target practice at the most inopportune of times.

Metaphors are like analogies, only better.
(note the use of a simile to compare metaphors and analogies)

Is it me or are there too many Desis (first generation Indian immigrants) driving cars with stupid sounding vanity license plates? It does not look cool in my book to have a Toyota Camry with a vanity plate that says "Bhaskars" in the back. To me that's cheap to begin with. Because you didn't want to fork out the cash to truly pimp your ride, you are resorting to paying the state some extra few bucks every year and getting some gibberish stuck to your car's behind in the process. It is also a kind of car abuse if you ask me! Plus, I don't even get how it is vain to be honest. Why am I supposed to be impressed with the fact that the "Bhaskars" can afford a Toyota Camry, given the fact that they are a working couple employed in high tech companies, with a combined annual income north of 250K? I think we ought to look at these vanity plates, much like we look at tattoos ... as a youthful indiscretion. You were in your early twenties when you landed that high tech job and bought that car. You felt very proud to see that vanity plate at that point ... maybe even justifiably so. But now as a 35 year old jaded professional, it just makes you look goofy when you drive that thing to work everyday. So be kind to your fellow driver and get rid of that vanity plate. And do it before your vanity becomes the reason for my insanity!


  1. good to see u blogging after a bit. More rants like the bhaskarz please! :)

  2. Thanx Aki. I am trying to make time for this at least once a month. Hope I can keep that up. It probably also gives more time for potential rants to brew within before they come out. :)