It's a mad mad mad world!

We buy our music at the coffee shop and our liquor at the medicine store.

We loan money to our banks, so that we can borrow it back from them at a higher rate.

Our government is printing money to buy back it's own debt... Wait what??

Our cars can park themselves, but our kids need special help.

Our dogs eat premium chow, as we rush to work with a burnt toast.

We eat a big Mac, so that we can afford a Mini one.

We get our seafood from China even if we live thirty miles from the ocean.

Grown men "tweet" and "poke" on the web, as our vocabularies get smaller and smaller.

We demand good service from tech support, but we go easy on our doctor.

We want our dogs to be pure bred, but we are fine with hybrid meats in our breakfast sausage.

A cat gets his own therapist as its owner goes about his day with a bleeding heart.

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  1. LOL! You are just getting better and best at one liners!