The circle of awareness

I want to raise your awareness about an important issue afflicting our society these days. The problem is that there are more people spending time on raising awareness about a problem, than those who are working to solve it. You have yuppies running marathons, singers staging concerts, bloggers posting thoughts, students wearing T-shirts and senior citizens participating in biker rallies ... all to showcase one issue or another. Actually, this problem is not limited to just the producers of such awareness, as I like to call the above group. It also extends to a group I call the consumers of awareness. These are the people who are responsible for encouraging the awareness producers. Additionally, these consumers of awareness read books about socioeconomic issues in the developing world, written by authors with exotic names. They then proceed to feel good about themselves, just for having done so. Never mind the fact, that many of these consumers hail from some of these exact same countries and sport equally exotic monikers themselves. But, they now consider themselves as fully assimilated denizens of the western post-modern culture scene, and as such find themselves on the other side of the fence. Anyway, the net effect of this dynamic is that it completes the circle of awareness, so to speak. The producer of such awareness feels good about himself, as long as he is able to find consumers for his product. And the consumer feels good just for having consumed it, thereby encouraging the producer to continue his altruistic and noble endeavor. Thus, round and round we go.

If I can make my readers aware of this issue, I would consider myself fortunate to have played my part in making a positive impact in the world through my blog this year (sob, sob... kleenex ... sob, sob). Boy! it feels good to get philanthropy, social responsibility etc. etc. out of the way so early in the year. Now I can go back to being the usual self-centered, narcissistic, ego maniac that I am, for the rest of the year. And as I wrap up this post, my book club buddies are waiting for me, before they open the "1994 Chateu le blah blah" bottle of pinot noir. Its a little ritual we have, where we inaugurate a new book with a bottle of wine. The more exotic the author's name, the more expensive the wine. Adios, gotta run...

P.S. If I didn't know any better, I would have said this post deserves an award as the "most humanitarian blog post of the year" (taking a bow, taking a bow).


  1. you're mixing humor and philosophy; are you aware that both are a joke?

  2. Observational humor can border on philosophy sometimes. So I will take that as a complement, even though I am not sure if that was your intention. :)

  3. the comment was trying to be witty maybe even philosophical, no attacks :)