What's that all about?

Here are few things we can do to keep people alert or even surprise them a little, as they perform their daily duties:
  • Buy a gift card at a grocery store counter and then tell the cashier you would like help carrying it to your car.
  • Go to a flower shop and ask for a bouquet of stems. No flowers... just stems.
  • Hire an expensive personal trainer and tell him to help you improve the strength of your index finger. If he looks puzzled, tell him you want to strengthen it for an upcoming finger pointing contest at work.
  • After you get a hair cut, ask some of your own hair back as a souvenir.
  • Enter a "Manual" car wash and ask for Manuelle.
  • Go to a fancy restaurant, get a table, have some water and then order a five course meal all to go.
  • Take a load of wet clothes to the dry cleaners' and tell them you want them dried. Not cleaned, just dried. If they refuse to comply, threaten to open a "clean dryer" shop right next door.
  • Go to a discount store and put ten gallons of milk on layaway. If they complain, tell them you want ten gallons of buttermilk a few months down the line.
  • Tip the drive-through operator at a fast food joint with 15% of your french fries. Throw in a ketchup pack if you are feeling specially generous.
  • After getting your bi-annual teeth cleaning, ask your dentist if he can arrange for some hot tea and biscuits.
  • Stand outside a supermarket and offer to sell bottled air to all the people who are lugging bottled water in their shopping carts. It just might be your turn to be surprised...

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