Socially liberal, fiscally conservative

We have heard the term "socially liberal but fiscally conservative" bandied around frequently this election season. So I thought I will try to come up with a few definitions for it.

A socially liberal but fiscally conservative person or a SOLIFICO is someone who:

  • Eats a $4 fast food meal at least 3 times a week. But then tips the drive through operator handsomely on each trip ($1 or 25%).
  • Patiently waits till Brokeback Mountain is available on Netflix.
  • Continues to employ his gardener, despite knowing that he is an undocumented immigrant. But then, has the poor sod wash his car every month for no extra pay.
  • Gets a bi-monthly haircut at a Supercuts, from a beautiful black hair stylist.
  • Gets his taxes done from an Indian accountant who helps him "save" a little for a cut.
  • Buys books about social issues around the world, reads them and returns them in a week for a full refund.
  • Is typically the guy who runs the 26 mile marathon for some charity. Very unlikely to be the sucker who sponsors someone else's miles.
  • Shops at a farmer's market to support the local farmers. But then haggles for twenty minutes every week, over a pound of tomatoes.
  • Prefers to buy a Honda Civic (non-hybrid) over a Toyota Prius. Would definitely consider a used Prius five years down the line.
  • Who would rather donate soup to a soup kitchen instead of cash.

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