The saying "the early bird catches the worm" contains an entirely different message for the early worm.

A cliche is an ingenious metaphor, simile or aphorism, as regurgitated by an idiot.

Happiness is overrated, given that there are so many ways to romanticize one's misery.

An atheist questions the target of one's faith and not faith itself. Questioning the virtues of faith itself would be idiotic, not atheistic. After all, an atheist too has faith in his disbelief.

The comma suddenly fell into a coma. On hearing this news, the exclamation mark was shocked, while the period (full stop) thought that this marked the end of punctuation. As this sobering news gave pause to the semicolon, the colon continued to wait for an explanation. After seeing this outpouring of emotion by the others, the apostrophe started feeling very possessive about its dear friend. And all this while the question mark wondered: who would be next?

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