Car and driver or Cosmopolitan?

We have to play the waiting game in a lot of places we go. Whether it be the barber shop, the physical therapist's office or the doctor's clinic, the wait is a key part of the process. So as we wait, we browse through the magazine collection available at these places. And to their credit, these people try to have magazines that appeal to both men and women. But to be honest with you, I feel equally detached from all the magazines they have in these waiting areas. Whether it is the special issue of "Car and driver" or be it the "Cosmopolitan", the level of my interest in the material is uniformly low. I am as apathetic to "10 ways to increase your car's pickup so that it reaches the climactic RPM faster", as I am to "10 ways to slow your guy down during those critical and climactic few seconds". And yet ... and yet, I always choose "Car and driver" over "Cosmopolitan" as the target of my ostentatious interest. In reality, I might as well pick up the "Cosmopolitan" and flip through the pages to mask my yawn. But, I do care about keeping up appearances in front of complete strangers, who I may never see in my life again. So "Cosmo" gets passed over each and every time. In that sense, I really am an average Joe.

P.S. Will miss you George ...

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