The lost figment

I think I lost a figment of my imagination a couple of days ago. My experience since then tells me that it must have been a pretty important figment. You see for the past two days there has been a notable difference in the way I perceive things. My reflection in the mirror does not appear as dashing and handsome as it used to. The twinkle in the barista's eye as she greets me every morning seems to have disappeared. The cashier at my local supermarket does not seem to be overwhelmed with gratitude when he thanks me. Fellow drivers seem to be flipping me the bird instead of waving amicably as I pass them. Female acquaintances of mine seem to have stopped admiring me secretly. TV shows and movies with troubled heroes do not seem to be telling my story any more. My pet dog does not look that happy when I return home. He looks more interested in the little treats I bring.

I wonder where such lost figments go anyway. Maybe this figment is not lost after all. Perhaps it just got fed up of being overworked and quit. Perhaps its hanging out in a bar on some deserted street corner with other overworked figments and just having a good time. Or maybe it just wants to take a break and will return home refreshed after a while. Wherever it is, I just hope it is safe and is not mixing with the wrong crowd. There's quite a few psychos out there with really perverse imaginations. My little Narcissa may get influenced by these other bad figments. But a part of me tells me that its bound to return home. After all, is there a better place for it to live than my mind? Wait... from the sound of that last statement it looks like it may be back already! And looks like it brought back a new friend. I hear voices in my head now.

Hang on a minute...argh!

Voice A: You are not funny...
Voice B: I am funnier than most, what do you know about humor anyway?
Voice A: Yeah right...
Voice B: Who are you to judge me? What are your credentials?
Voice A: I was once a voice in the head of a famous comedian.
Voice B: And I am supposed to believe that. I have seen name droppers like you before.
Voice A: I haven't dropped any names yet.

Little Narcissa mingled with some bad company after all. I need to see a therapist and deal with this. Bye for now.

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