The blog critic

I have been blogging for more than a year now. So I guess its ok to start making fun of blogs. Wait, let me quickly confirm that I have enabled comment moderation... Yes, we are golden. Now to enjoy this post fully, pretend that Lewis Black is narrating this post to you as he is on the verge of having an aneurysm. If you don't know who Lewis Black is, please stop reading right now.

First the blog description. People need to be more creative about their blog descriptions. When I see words like "random musings", "ramblings", "walk in the blank" in the blog description these days, I start foaming at the mouth. And I need two shots of whiskey before I can think straight again. Since most blogs are about random muso-ramblings as you walk backwards in your bathroom while wearing only your underwear etc, just leave the damn description blank if your blog is one of them. Only add a description if you have something better to say. Otherwise, blog readers get what your blog is about without you having to say anything .... okay?

Then next topic is google ads. A very very very very very small minority of bloggers have made serious money by putting ads on their blogs. And odds are that you are not one of them. Google could not possibly rake in their billions, if they paid good margins to blog authors. I predict that eventually Google would have to pay bigger cuts to content creators than they currently do, if they want to maintain their market share. If capitalism works, this is bound to happen. So don't try to fill up every blank space on your blog with advertisements. If you don't stop that, some ADD suffering (pun intended) lonely nut is going to snap one day and beat the bleep out of the next five people he meets. And you my fellow blogger will be responsible for it.

And for heaven's sake, run the spell check ... run the spell check. If you use blogger, the spell check button is right there in the compose window. Otherwise, you will be condemned to the dyslexic purgatory for throwing up typos every time you post something.

If you understand the concept of irony, feel free to knock yourself out by trying to find these exact same flaws in my blog. Just remember that I have enabled comment moderation. Ahaa...hahahaaaaaa!

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  1. ahhaa, finally spotted a hair on the long tail... :)