Leave My Yahoo! (pun intended) alone...

Dear Mr. Yang a.k.a. the Chief Yahoo!,

I woke up this past Friday morning, freshened up and started brewing some tea on the stove. As the tea leaves were brewing in milk and water (yes, that is how us Indians make tea), I walked over to my laptop. Then I opened my.yahoo.com to get a quick overview of what was happening around me, while being surrounded by the aroma of the brewing tea leaves. This is how my mornings have begun for the last eight years. On this particular day, the news headlines on My Yahoo!'s neatly arranged RSS feeds said that Big Softie had come knocking at your door with a big bag of money. This got me worried because if this merger goes through, there is likely to be a lot of turmoil at Yahoo! during the early years of this marriage. And that could mean that the future of some of my favorite portal pages is at risk. Yahoo! has become an indispensable part of my life over the years. Just as my day starts with my.yahoo.com, my work week ends with a visit to movies.yahoo.com to see what's playing that week. And when its football season, nfl.yahoo.com is my preferred destination for all the details I need. And throughout the week I check stock quotes and earnings reports using Yahoo! Finance and exchange a ton of emails with friends using Yahoo! Mail. So you see Mr. Yang, what happens to Yahoo! means a lot to me and millions of other people.

Now you may choose to accept the deal Mr. Softie is offering, if the business climate forces your hand. But I implore you to keep the gems of Yahoo's virtual empire intact no matter what. And to me, My Yahoo! is the gem of all gems. It gives me everything I need in one place ... news, market updates, portfolio tracking, weather, email summaries, TV listings, you name it. No other portal does this better than My Yahoo! today. Did someone say IGoogle? Yeah right! Frankly, there is a nice dichotomy in the way I use Yahoo! and Google. When I know the kind of information I want, I go to Yahoo! to get it. Think movies, sports, earnings. And Yahoo! reigns supreme in this regard. But, when I don't know what I exactly want, I go to Google to find it. And Google is the undisputed king here. So you see Google and Yahoo are like the Brin (Yin) and Yang of information on the web (another great pun bwa..hahahaahaa...).

I am sure that you and Yahoo! will face challenges in the months to come, regardless of whether you take the deal. But through these trying times, you will have my support as long as you promise to leave My Yahoo! alone.

My Yahoo loyalist and Google blogger,
Sir 5 foot 5.

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