Catching up ...

Wow! so many things have happened in the month of February, I have not had the time to catch up till now.

What an upset: Yes, I am talking about Superbowl XLII of course. Manning's escape and David Tyree's catch late in the fourth quarter are plays for the ages. And the Giants' defense played like a group of possessed men to overcome the odds. I would like to see a sequel of "300" starring the Giants' defensive front seven. But Bellichick and Brady are still one of the greatest coach and QB duos of all time. While Bellichick plays the role of the evil chancellor from Star Wars to a fault, there is no denying his football prowess.

Thank God the writers are back: Jay Leno won't be writing his own jokes any longer. What a relief! My contractor (who has been on strike most of the year) really wanted to be a writer, but his father forced him into this profession. When the writers went on strike this past November, he finally thought he was one of them. Plus, the dry wall he built last year before going on strike was indeed like a hastily concocted pilot for a "me too" sitcom. I am sure our beloved writers can take a joke.

Giving thanks on Valentine's day: Yes I have much to be thankful for on Valentine's day. You see I get beaten up if I spend more than 50 bucks on Valentine's day gifts. Now aren't you all jealous of me? So for me Thanksgiving comes on Feb 14th every year. Don't tell her I said this though. Why ruin a good thing?

Aliens for Obama: I am talking about the non-resident and resident aliens in America. Yes, that is what the INS (or is the BCIS now?) calls us immigrants. And while I am at it what's a "naturalized citizen"? Sounds kinda like "homogenized and pasteurized milk", doesn't it? And the analogy is closer than you think. So I don't care for that one either. Anyway back to Obama... The great thing about him is that he is so many things to so many people. He is black to the black community, half white to the white community, dark brown to the brown community, articulate and smart to the intellectuals, compassionate and understanding to the poor and so on. Something bigger than politics seems to be afoot in this country and I hope the Democratic super delegates don't ruin it for the rest of us. You see America finally has a chance of having a president, who can travel to the Middle east without having to carry a gallon of sun block. And that's no small feat. I hope that the 44th time is a charm for the US of A.

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