Mumbai Unplug

Environmentally conscious people from Mumbai are trying to rally like minded Mumbaikars to shut down their lights for one hour on Dec. 15th, in order to save electricity. Given the population of Mumbai, this can make a difference. I first came across this on my friend's blog. This post is to show support for that plan. If you want to show support for this on your blog, publish the following image.

Now to stay true to the spirit of this blog here a few confessions from me:
  • I take luxurious hot showers until I almost pass out.
  • I forget to turn the A/C off before I leave the house.
  • My car tires are almost always under-inflated.
  • I leave hot water running for the entire duration of my shave. The only saving grace is I shave once a week.
Here are a few things in my favor:
  • I recycle a lot of paper.
  • I drive a Honda.
  • And I am a couch potato. So I am content to watch some football on weekends, instead of driving 40 miles roundtrip to attend some lame party.

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