With gas prices climbing ever higher, Nascar announced the inauguration of carpool lanes on all the race tracks.

NASA announced today that use of sub-prime numbers in some of the launch calculations will delay the launch of the shuttle Atlantis.

Steelers's safety Anthony Smith got an offer to work for the mortgage securities arm of a major Wall Street bank following his team's loss against the Patriots, in which he had guaranteed a win.

NBC's Football Night in America saw a drop in ratings, as the attempts by Bob Costas and Keith Olbermann to "out-nerd" each other put quite a few football fans to sleep.
Editorial comment: "Flea flicker fumble festival", really Keith? At this point, NBC might as well have Dennis Miller host the thing and just knock out football fans with his ├╝ber esoteric analogies. Don't get me wrong. I like both these guys. Costas and Olbermann I mean ... not Miller. But somebody needs to remind them that this show precedes a football game, not a spelling bee for God's sake.

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