Blame it on Hollywood

A middle aged cop is trying to hunt down a serial killer, while struggling with his alcoholism. The battle has now become personal. Today, he suffered a major setback in his case and at the same time lost custody of his little daughter to his ex-wife. He is feeling really down tonight. He comes home and starts taking a hot shower. He stands there surrounded by the fog of his emotions, caressing his own wet hair while the hot water continues to drench him from head to toe. This little space is his refuge, his sanctuary for now from the harsh and cruel world outside. What a poignant scene? Yeah, when they did it the first time, not the umpteenth.

Cut... to the real life of yours truly a.k.a. Mr. 5foot5. Mr. 5foot5 got verbally beaten up by his co-workers today for almost boring them to death with his not so funny jokes. At the same time, he was overruled by his wife over where they will spend their next vacation. He is feeling really down tonight. He comes home and gets into the shower. But the shower has a weak stream. In a human world, this would have been cause for concern. Then it takes another five minutes for the water to get hot. And once it is hot, its too hot. Finally, he holds his head under the hot water and stands there for ten minutes, hoping for magic to ensue any moment. Alas...

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