Sir 5foot5: The world traveler

Many people like to travel to see places they marvel.
But for me the fun lies, in departure and arrival.

The packing is completed in a last minute rush.
And I always forget to carry my tooth brush.

Then comes the petty haggling over the window seat.
Old record books are opened as we scurry to the fleet.

Soon one of us gets picked up for the usual random checks.
And a few eye rolls later we are off to the decks.

On our way to the gate we pass the shiny store.
And I have to spend a few bucks just for the decor.

Then I am reprimanded for my wasteful ways.
As I watch the safety video with a glossy eyed gaze.

I always get confused about which thing floats.
Is it the seat or is it the pillows?

Then my request for liquor is greeted with derision.
As my addictive nature gets a special mention.

As we start cruising at thirty thousand feet.
I am cradling the neck of the slob in the next seat.

A crappy meal later I try to take a nap.
But that kind of fortune never graces this poor sap.

The chubby kid up front is now acting up.
Looks like his mother did not pack his sippy cup.

A few more drinks later the plane is on the ground.
As we leave the terminal, no cab is to be found.

Somehow we manage to reach our lodging place.
It feels like we just won a long distance race.

After this ordeal who wants to unpack?
So we order some room service and just hit the sack.

The next morning has its own surprises.
Sharing a woman's toothbrush is the cherished of all prizes.

Shower and breakfast are done in that order.
As my general loutishness creates even more fodder.

Then we go see places that we got here to see.
And by the last day we are filled with glee.

The story now reaches a very critical juncture.
As the whole fun sequence will now repeat on departure.