I have "alluded" to my recent purchase of the iPhone in some of my previous posts. Ever since I got it, I have been consuming audio content voraciously. I have already purchased almost a hundred songs on iTunes and listened to a couple of audio books. Interestingly enough, I have noticed that I like the music of teen pop singers like Avril Lavigne and P!nk. Yes, I am secure enough to admit that I like Avril and P!nk. But, that's not the funny part. You see my bathroom singing has taken on a different proportion since I have started listening to Avril and P!nk. In the morning, when I am belting out Avril's "Complicated" in the shower, the wife happens to be on a work related phone conference with people from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. Oddly enough, this fortuitous synchronicity of my shower performances of "Complicated" and the wife's teleconferences, has occurred on more than one occasion. Now even though Tom Friedman would like us to believe that the world is flat, it is not so flat when it comes to the "B" pop stars of various nations. And as a consequence, those buggers in Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia think that Avril Lavigne is a thirty something Indian guy. I intend to fully capitalize on this serendipitous celebrity that has resulted from a case of mistaken identity. I plan to send along some autographed pictures of mine, next time my wife travels to one of these countries to meet these people. The pictures will be signed Avril Lavigne of course, nothing "Complicated" about that. I bet this "acting like somebody else" behavior on my part will get Avril even more "frustrated".

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  1. Make sure the autobiographed photos you are going to send are not the ones taken while you were in the shower