Situational Poetry ... The SitPoem

I went to the local store to buy a pair of pants
I picked a few I liked and hit the trial stands

The first one's waist was right, but the legs too long
The second was the right height, but felt like a thong

So I went back to the shelves and got another lot
But little did I know, it was all for naught

My last resort was to try the children's isle
Some shopper moms wondered if I was a pedophile

You see the problem is, I am an odd size
Which makes it plenty hard to find a fitting guise

My trial room travails could put a diva to shame
So when the wife got mad, I really couldn't blame

There was something wrong with the garment maker's math
Which caused me to suffer my honey's angry wrath

"I will never shop with you" she swore to me that day
So there was a silver lining to this dark cloud I say!


  1. Do you get entry into house after writing such poems :)

  2. Psst! The secret is a hidden key in the backyard.

  3. .... Psst! The secret is a hidden key in the backyard.

    no wonder you want to be a gardener

    The Secret is not to have a hidden key in the backyard but to let her know you are the secret key to her heart ...

  4. I think I dropped the key to her heart during one of my many visits to the trial rooms. So I will have to make do with the key in the backyard. Darn those ill fitting clothes!