Serve and folly

A friend and I hit the public tennis courts on weekends to enjoy what I call co-operative tennis. You see the goal of our game is to not beat each other, but to keep a rally alive as long as we can. But in spite of the best of our intentions, we rarely keep a rally going for more than five shots. And to add to that frustration, we seem to serve aces at each other at exactly the wrong moment. Thankfully, we have developed a thick enough skin that the flawless play of the ten year olds on the adjacent court does nothing to either embarrass or motivate us. Also I got to admit, half the fun is in dressing up for the game. A nice white Nike cap, a bright red Champion sports T, sparkling white Adidas tennis shorts, brand new New Balance shoes (got you!), a fancy Wilson tennis racket and I am ready to go baby! Someone take a picture. And if you read my previous post, you will appreciate how overjoyed I must have been to easily find shorts that fit and look good. And when you add to it a good friend who invites me home for tea and snacks after each game, who cares if I suck at tennis? At least we run around and burn some calories. Also if you have been following Andy Roddick’s game lately, you know we are in good company. Hey Andy, too bad no one offers you some tea after you lose. You have to mope about your game in front of reporters. I appreciate your attempts at self effacing humor though. They have been the highlight of your TV appearances lately. So here’s to friendship, a little metrosexuality and a lot of mediocre tennis.


  1. Can't help but wonder if this post was written something like this:

    A friend and "someone" hit the public courts on weekends to enjoy what I call "co-opetitive ball game". You see "the goal" of our game is to not "beat" each other, but to keep a "rally alive" as long as we can.

    Now, wife will get suspicious where you go on Sunday evening!!
    Wink.. Wink..

  2. no new blogs posted over the weekend?! did your muse go to Japan or something?

  3. my muse? a better term is my fuse which when lit makes my head explode :)

  4. This fuse comment and the tea- observation you made last night drove me to gaze deep into the mystical crystal ball. And i saw your future and the vision was one of unspeakable horror...blood-bath and beyond:-)