People for the Ethical Treatment of Mustaches

The mustache seems to disappearing from the faces of people all over the globe. The clean cut look is in. The mustache is out. Not just that, the mustache carries a lot of baggage with it too. A mustache conveys different things to different people. To some it conveys a rather serious disposition, while it instills a sense of fear among others especially when it grows on a tan colored face. To be fair, some people keep a mustache because it gives them a sense of tradition and belonging to their roots.

But you see a mustache in its purest form is just a hair style for your mouth. I sport one because it gives my face more definition. And I just think of it as a hair style for my nose-to-mouth bridge, no more no less. To my utter surprise, even barbers are blatantly discriminatory towards mustaches. On more than one occasion, a barber has refused to trim my mustache after he/she was done with my haircut. One of them clearly told me "I don't do mustaches". This blatant discrimination depressed my mustache so much that it lost all its shine for a week. I had to pamper it by dipping it in chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream for an hour everyday. Only after doing this regularly for a week, was I able to restore its self esteem. It was a very traumatic experience to see my mustache in that state. And god forbid if you happen to be a mustache that grows on a woman's face. There is no worse fate than that. You are a minority among minorities. I dream of the day when all mustaches ...no matter what face they grow on or what size, shape or color they are will be given the stature, respect and care of a hair style. Because remember a mustache in its purest form is nothing but a hair style for your mouth.

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