The lighter side of cannibalism

Some of the comments on my previous post got me thinking about this. Here are some mundane things that would become interesting or unsual in a cannibalistic society.

The food can say grace on behalf of the diners.

Finger food has a whole new meaning.

Any guesses on where the stuffing goes for a Thanksgiving dinner?

The lady in the supermarket that hands out small samples on Sunday afternoons is the food sample.

Ballpark Franks? Umm ... yummy. They should go well with a Bloody Mary.

On a diet you say? Have a Slim Jim. Or how about a Beefy Jerk?

For breakfast, we will have Eggs with Benedict.

Kayak, sushi boat ... what's the difference?


  1. Most vegetarians look so much like the food they eat that they can be classified as cannibals

  2. Or perhaps the vegetables they eat can be classified as meat?

  3. finger food reminds me of :

    Qatar's cannibals fingered by victim