How to protect your iPhone?

  • Keep it out of sight and out of reach of people with iPhone envy. Especially, the schmucks I referred to in my previous post. They don't deserve to use it.
  • Have people try it under strict supervision. I have seen the iPhone almost slip out of the hands of many people who tried it for the first time. I almost suffered a coronary on more than one occasion because of it.
  • If you are having an argument with your spouse or partner, make sure the iPhone is not nearby lest it become a victim of redirected hostility.
  • If you are listening to music on your iPhone in public, make sure it is not visible to others. Let people think you have an iPod. If some curious George still insists on knowing, tell them you have the 4GB version.
  • If you are browsing the web on your iPhone in a coffee shop, control your excitement that can result from using the gorgeous safari interface on the wide screen. You don't want to attract unnecessary attention.
  • If you find your neighbor coveting your iPhone, remind them of the tenth commandment.
  • Share adapters only with people you trust. Don't borrow an adapter for charging your iPhone from someone you do not know. Also don't lend your adapter for charging an iPod. That is so beneath you now. Also you don't want your iPhone to contract adapter transmitted diseases. Better safe than sorry.


  1. Did you try the car test with the iPhone? Phone is supposed to be so rugged that even if you ran over a car it would continue to work

  2. You should get the new hybrid from ferari & use it. For the car details check:


  3. New Hybrid ferrari - With all the chump change your wife leaves around in the home & with all your options profit(sss) I am sure you could easily buy it - why go for a Nissan sentra or toyota?

    You should do it in style - All the latest technologies instead of old beaten up stuff ....

  4. Hey its end of august now. Are you still that euphoric about your iPhone. I know I will buy it - as I nurse my RAZR till Apple decides the rest of the world (read India) can have it - or if someone comes up with a way to hack it that doesnt involve opening 600 dollars worth of hardware and tinkering with it! I will buy it regardless - even though I've stopped using my iPod now - steady hearing loss (or fear of) - how are the phone features? Are you euphoric about owning an iPod (finally) or the phone features (demo was amazing) -are truly effective and practical. Me, I want a good contacts interface and a phone that works - it will be a while (again, from an India perspective where hot spots are novel) before we are able to surf the web (fully featured) on a cellphone line.

  5. I like the fact that I have a phone and an iPod in a single device. And this is really is the best iPod ever. Once you see a video on it, it is obvious. The phone features are useful for daily use. Good contacts interface with the scrolling feature and random access voice mail are very handy.

  6. Maybe now I can buy an iPhone. Software hack to unlock an iPhone for other GSM networks - its on engadget - so its got to be true..