So we went to a देसी place and ordered chicken तंदूरी
I need to have it sometimes, its like a मज़बूरी

The leg piece goes the best with some देसी चाय करारी
And the enjoyment is doubled अगर संग बीवी हो बीहारी

She needs a break too from the usual सब्जी तरकारी
But she won't share a piece when पेट में चूहों की मारामारी

I dug in with my bare hands like I know no दुनियादारी
तंदूरी को खानेमे कीस काम की cutlery?

So I proceeded to destroy it by using उंगलिया सारी
And not a moment too soon, entered घुलाम अली साहब की सवारी

Immediately we started autograph लेने की तययारी
But with those messy hands, how do I approach this हरहुनरी?

So I chose to stick with my good old मुर्घ तंदूरी
इस तंदूरी ने तो मुझको बना diya अनारी


  1. If only I was a non-veg :)

  2. Isn't eating an animal an act of cannibalism?

  3. it's cannibalism, only if you are a chicken

  4. anonymous mannibalThu Jul 19, 10:00:00 PM PDT

    A chicken can be a cannibal?? That would translate humans to be a mannibal maybe? or womannibal perhaps