Spare me the firm handshake buster!

Of the many cliches used to judge a person's character in the professional world, I think it is time to dump the firm handshake once and for all. It can only be an advantage if people can't fake it. But after reading run of the mill career advice and watching countless B movies, everyone knows that using a firm handshake is seen as a positive. So it is no longer a differentiator. Also not everyone understands what "firm" means. Maybe we can create a new cliche here. How about shaving off one eyebrow, instead? That certainly conveys self-confidence, willingness to take risks and good hand-eyebrow co-ordination.

Thus, I hereby proclaim that the firm handshake has been usurped by the shaved eyebrow as the new thing that signifies whatever the firm handshake used to signify. Time to get busy with your razor and shaving cream Mr. Pinstripe!

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