Its for the wife you dummy...

Often on my way home from work, I stop by at my local jamba juice to pick up some juice for the wife. I usually ask them to add the energy and femme boost to the juice. Every time I ask for the femme boost the kid at the counter looks at me in a funny way. I can see his mind wondering why I am interested in a "femme" boost. I am tempted to say who it is for, but I let it go. I enjoy the mental turmoil reflecting on his face. It gives me joy to wonder what he might be thinking. Maybe he is thinking this brown guy does not understand what a femme boost is. Maybe he thinks I am in need of extra iron and fiber. Speaking of gaffes, once I had obliviously and cluelessly answered some questions about pap smears on my graduate school medical application before coming to the USA. Thankfully, my physician caught this goof up. But on second thought, I think he should have let me mail my application with the pap smear responses included. Its a shame that some desk jockey in the admissions office missed out on some laughs at my expense.

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