The Rubik's cube of management

Managing projects and people at work is like solving the Rubik's cube. The six sides of the cube represent the staffing requirements for say six different projects. So ... there is a blue project, a green project, a yellow project, a red project, an orange project and a white project. Then there are those little squares representing the people and their interests. As you can see the manager's challenge is to match people's interests with the project staffing needs. A good manager tries to be honest and really solve this Rubik's puzzle by matching people's interests to the project needs as best as he can. Of course, in real life in the end, some squares just have to be recolored... say from orange to white and red to blue. Not everyone gets what they want. On the other hand, a lazy manager tries to cheat right out of the gate. They make up their mind about which side is going to have what color and just proceed to recolor the squares with impunity. If this continues for too long, that little red square who is actually blue at heart jumps ship to a happier Rubik's cube with happier little squares. That's just how things work and that is how they should too.

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