Live on location? Why?

If you are getting bored with the rote sitcom lineup on TV these days, I suggest you watch your local news broadcast more carefully. I guarantee you will find a lot to laugh at. The local news studios try so hard to make some lame stories sound so important, it is hilarious. The best one I like and enjoy everytime is where they have a reporter live at a location at night, where something happened earlier in the day. It is so amusing to see a local news correspondent shivering outside city hall ten minutes before midnight, reporting on how earlier in the day the mayor stumbled on the steps while on his way to the townhall meeting and spilled coffee on his clothes. There isn't a single soul to be seen behind the reporter, when she is reporting this rather dull event that happened ten hours ago. She might as well be reporting that from her sofa, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and a microphone in another. I never seem to get the point of being "live on location" in such cases. But that's what makes it so funny.

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