Hello, this is Kevin O' Brian . Shri was kind enough to let me advertise on his blog. I want to take this opportunity to promote myself. I work as an "alter-ego for hire". I am the only guy who can offer this service. So you must be wondering, what the !@#$% is an alter-ego for hire? Let me explain with some examples. I am sure you will find my services helpful after you read through.
  • Are you sick of your co-workers mooching of you? But you can't muster the courage to make them fly right? That is where I come in. You can hire me for a day as your alter-ego and I can set them straight for you.
  • Has your boss been acting like an idiot lately? Don't worry, he is just being himself. Hire my services and I will talk some sense into the knuckle head.
  • Are your teenage kids out of control? I can be your alter-ego for a month and reform the little punks.
  • Husband or boyfriend being a sloth on the sofa? My services can do you a lot of good.
So don't wait. Call 1-800-THYSELF today !!


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  2. This is one service that we need desperately - let me know how much you charge. Ironically, 1-800-thyself turned out to be selling loans...