Yours truly...metrosexual

If you know me personally, I am sure you have figured out by now that my blog title has something to do with my actual height. Well, if you haven't, I am telling you so. That is my actual height give or take a few centimeters. Add the fact that I also happen to have relatively short legs for my size and you get a trouser size of 30X29 inches. So I hit the local store to buy a pair of pants for myself and start looking through the shelves for a 30X29 section. What I notice is that all pairs of pants that are 29 inches long, are only available with waist sizes of 38 inches and above. That means I need to gain at least forty more pounds before I can buy a pair of the pants off the shelf. It is almost like the people who designed these pants kept the expected weight constant at 200 pounds while varying the waist and the height. What's a disproportionate and short guy like yours truly to do in such cases? But the eternal optimist that I am, I keep trying on all the available 30X32 size pants hoping that at least one of them is incorrectly labeled. But the only effect this has had is that the associate that stands by the men's trial room now thinks that I am one of those metrosexual guys who is picky about a pair of khakis.


  1. But you are a metrosexual; so what's the problem?

  2. I had a similar experience recelty trying to by pants for my dad who is 5foo5 and about the same weight. Heres a hint : try the kids section :-) Then the associates will think you are a pedophile :-(

  3. Since when did you shoot to 5'5"???