tHe StRong PassWord !#@

When we bought a house a few years back, one of the things we did as a consequence of buyers guilt was to get an alarm system for our home. Now one of the things you do when you get an alarm system is to set up a false alarm notification password. This is so that if you accidentally trip the alarm yourself, you can call the operator, identify yourself with your password and cancel the alarm. This saves you the embarrassment that might otherwise ensue from having to explain to the cops what you were up to, when you tried to sneak in through your own bedroom window at 2 a.m. in the night.

So I was talking to the operator and she asked to me pick a password and tell it to her over the phone. And I asked her... "Is the password case sensitive and can I use punctuation symbols in it"? The line went quiet for a couple of seconds and then I heard a a big WHAAA...T? That knocked me back to my senses. How was I going to say a case sensitive and puncutated password over the phone? The conversation would have to go something like this:

Operator: XYZ alarm company, how may I help you?
Me: I am calling to notify you of a false alarm at my residence.

Operator: OK Sir, can you confirm your password for me please?
Me: Umm.. yeah... My password is upper case "I" and all lower case "diot", hash, bang, bang.

Operator: OK Mr. Idiot#!!, I will take it from here, you have a nice day!
Me: Thank you.

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  1. you say your password is: Idiot#!!

    how about: #Idoit!!