The Standard Deduction

My wife is a rising star at her work place. She will easily be Vice President of something or the other in a couple of years. Knowing that, I have started referring to her as my 401K . I might have also mentioned to her how I plan to retire in a few years in order to share margaritas with the gardener at 3 p.m. in the afternoon. So imagine my surprise when I discovered through a common friend that she has started referring to me as her impending standard deduction.

Anyway... we will have an opening for a good looking gardener (no preference of gender) to do the lawn work in a few years. So referrals are welcome.


  1. funny!! i can see a club being formed in the future, "the standard deduction margarita club", that meets weekly in the afternoons, sipping away margaritas.

  2. Talk about being ahead of the curve, in India its common tax saving practice for a husband / wife who works on contract to "employ" the spouse and pay a salary - there's your itemized deduction buddy!