A Nobel Thanksgiving

Dr. Roger Kornberg of Stanford university won the Nobel Prize in chemistry this year. The interesting thing is that his father, Dr. Arthur Kornberg is also a Nobel laureate. Talk about an intimidating thanksgiving dinner. Imagine the plight of Roger's sibling brother at the dinner table. While Arthur and Roger are arguing about the importance of DNA vs. RNA, what's the brother got to say for himself? Should he be talking about how he recently discovered on youtube that diet coke and mentos can make for a fun explosion? Or should he be refuting the findings of his brother by saying the ability of messenger RNA to make copies of proteins is not completely proven, otherwise he would have been a Nobel laureate too?


  1. I can kinda relate to Kornberg’s lay-brother. That’s how I feel when you techies burst into a conversation on directory integration on a box that does enterprise-grade authentication. I know you guys cant help it. But next time, atleast do away with that smug superior smile you give me:-)

    Lil Kornberg, I feel for you, bro.

  2. Ammu, you should know that the brother is fictitious i.e. I am not sure if Roger has a brother or not. I just made him up :). I understand your frustration nonetheless. Can I interest you in some essential reading related to directory services ? :)

  3. Ugh! you are again talking like Zoolander and his friends. I know the brother is fictitious but trust me, the frustration is real.
    And thanks but no thanks on the related reading:-)

  4. I have got to see this Zoolander movie now. The resemblance seems to be uncanny.