The lazy bum's hobby

Speaking of hobbies, they cover all kinds of things. Some people work so hard on their hobbies that I am absolutely amazed by it. Take my neighbor for instance. His hobby is carpentry. The guy's garage would give any professional wood shop a run for their money. This guy really loves the stuff too. Every weekend I see him chipping and cutting and doing whatever that can be done to a piece of wood. He can spend an entire weekend trying to convert a big block of wood into a small block of wood with some grooves and notches.

If you ask me though, I think a hobby should take much less work than that. Until the thought of blogging jokes struck me one day, my main hobby was lying on the sofa and watching TV, if that counts. Not that I didn't try other things though. I tried golf for instance. This involved taking lessons and spending money on new clubs. Then there was racket ball and even scuba diving. You can guess how far these things went. I ended up dumping them like high maintenance girlfriends. But now, I think I have found something I can continue doing on a regular basis. I am talking about this online joke book of mine that you are currently perusing my dear reader. The best part is I can do this stuff while continuing to waddle on the sofa in front of the TV, which still is my first love. Now isn't that sweet? It is like finding a mistress that the wife approves of.

Yours truly,
Lazy Bu....zzzz....

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