I speak football

I am a desi geek but I know more than curry, cricket and code
Did you know the Colts are smokin' on the road?

I wonder why Matt Millen still has his job intact?
And why all great black players are only a "class act"?

I think the Pittsburgh Steelers need to throw fewer passes
And Alex Smith of the niners curls his eye lashes

Its a pity that the Raiders are yet again a flop
But that will not change till Al Davis runs the shop

The Falcons are lucky to have Michael Vick
I can tell a punt from an on side kick

Manning vs. Manning can be a fun super bowl
But Brady and the Pats might again win it all

The Bears look great and can go all the way
But will Grossman stay the starter, that I can't say

The Eagles need to focus on their ground attack
While Arizona's only bright spot is their rookie quarterback

I can tell the Chargers look like a winning clan
And LJ of the Chiefs is the best running man

So Tom, Dick and Harry come one and come all
Let's pop open a cold one and talk some football


  1. what a sheer delight
    to see a rapper so bright
    have you got a rapper name?
    'coz finding one is part of the game

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  3. 5foot like 50cent :-)

    BTW: your captcha thing for comments drives me nuts :-(