Comics Anoynymous

Do you find yourself trying to be funny at any time of the day?

Did this start as a casual joke or two after work just for the sake of unwinding?

Does not cracking a joke make it hard to concentrate at work?

Has watching the countless reruns of Seinfeld deluded you into believing that it is easy to be funny and that you can be funny too?

Are your loved ones being harmed because of your addiction to comedy?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you might be a suffering wannabe comic. We have a simple 10 step program to help you recover from this sickness. We understand that it is not easy to come forward and admit that you might have an addiction. So we take extra care to protect your identity. Please call this toll free number to seek help: 1-800-JACKASS.

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  1. The Jackass hotline truly helped me in overcoming the crippling power of this addiction. I implore all who are suffering from the addiction to pick up the phone and make the bold first step. It's frightening to make that important first step. But once you do that, the jackasses at the other end of the line will take care of the rest