Bipasha Basu ... my science teacher

Would you believe me if I told you that in high school, I had a science teacher named Bipasha Basu? She was a great teacher and she taught us physics, chemistry and biology in the seventh and eighth grades. But she was nothing like the Bipasha Basu that we all know about. For the clueless, Bipasha Basu is also a famous Bollywood actress, who is known for suffering from a chronic shortage for clothing. On the other hand, our teacher was known for being strict. Many a student had suffered a beating at her hands. However, she was a passionate teacher and she taught us well. Even though Bipasha the teacher and Bipasha the actress may appear poles apart, they actually have a lot in common. Just see below:

  • We felt intimidated by both of them. 
  • We would sound like bumbling fools in front of either of them. 
  • They both taught us what an exothermic reaction is. 
  • They both taught us that opposites attract. 
  • They both demonstrated to us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 
  • We would be proud to score well on either of their tests. 
  • And we are very very  grateful for both of them.

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