An amusing yuppie test

There are various ways to test if a person qualifies as a yuppie. Here are a few questions that I find intriguing. My answers to these are included as well.

Question: Is the name of your Starbucks drink longer than your own name?
My answer: Tall blended soy pumpkin spice latte, no whipped cream.

Question: Is the number of computers in your house more than the number of kids or pets?
My answer: Computers 4, Kids 0, Pets 0. And expecting one more soon... computer I mean.

Question: Has your car been to a golf course more often than a hamburger drive through?
My answer: There is a Jack in the box too close to my house and I love their shakes. Also I am trying to fit into 38X29 size pants.

Question: Do you think a couple of extra megapixels will immensely enhance your (photography) experience?
My answer: That's why I own a 10MP DSLR.

Question: Did you find any of the above questions amusing?
My answer: I posted them under the title amusing didn't I?

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